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Magic mushrooms are wild or cultivated mushrooms that contain psilocybin, a naturally-occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound.Buy Psilocybin is considered one of the most well-known psychedelics, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations. Since December 2008 it is illegal in Holland to sell magic mushrooms commercially. Therefore fresh or dried magic mushrooms are not for sale anymore. However, the magic mushroom grow kits to grow magic mushrooms on a small scale have not been banned. It remains legal to buy them in a Dutch smartshop or online. The easiest way to get magic mushrooms is to grow them yourself. It’s also fun.

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All of our Magic Mushroom are produced with care in a sterile laboratory. We keep a limited stock, so the Magic Mushrooms are shipped as fresh as possible. There are dozens of producers of magic mushrooms. We have tested nearly all types of mushroom available on the market and subjected them to thorough testing. We only sell the shrooms in our catalog that are most reliable and have a good yield. Because the market is dynamic, we continue to test new types of shrooms, looking for ones that meet our standards. Looking for a special strain or do you have a general question? 

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Determine the strain you want one of the most prevalent species of Magic Mushrooms is Psilocybe Cubensis and you can find a wide range of different strains growing both in the wild and indoors all over the world. Currently, there are over 60 different Psilocybe Cubensis strains that we know of. Hence, not all Psilocybe Cubensis strains are cut from the same cloth.
Amazonian, Golden Teacher, and B+ Magic Mushrooms are some of the most widespread strains.
The strength and tripping levels are different in each of these strains. If you are looking for happy feelings and lots of laughs, you might opt-in for Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms, while B+ Magic Mushrooms will give you one of the warmest visual and spiritual trips.

Decide what kind of trip you want you can familiarize yourself with what kind of trips every Magic Mushroom strain produces by researching its effects and reading other people’s trip reports. For example, is a Canadian Psilocybin Mushroom Encyclopedia and a great resource to start.
When buying your Magic Mushrooms online, you also need to decide what trip level you’d like to experience. There are 5 various Magic Mushroom trip levels depending on the dosage:
Level 1 – Microdose (0.05-0.25 g): mild and gentle, enhancing your mood and increasing your energy overall.
Level 2 – Mini-dose (0.25-0.75 g): increased flow states, clearer and more connected thinking, enhanced senses, and increased motivation.
Level 3 – Museum dose (0.5-1.5 g): mood enhancement, mild to moderate visual impact, introspection, altered perception, and increased sensitivity to light.
Level 4 – Moderate dose (2-3.5 g): life-changing introspective or philosophical insights, finding otherwise mundane things funny or interesting, synesthesia.
Level 5 – Megadose (5+ g): strong hallucinations, mystical experience and intense feelings of wonder, complete loss of reality, logic, and ego, merging with the environment.

Whether you’ve used Magic Mushrooms before is essential to take into account when buying Magic Mushrooms online. Are you a beginner and do you want as few risks as possible? Do you find it especially important that your psychedelic journey is inspiring? Or is your main focus on the quantity of mushrooms, for example, because you have a high tolerance, want to share with your friends, or take trips regularly?
Although the active ingredient in every Magic Mushroom is psilocybin, a lot of users report the dissimilarity in the effects of the different strains of mushrooms. It’s possible that the exact total chemical composition is different for each strain. For instance, Golden Teacher is a good strain for first-time trippers and beginners. Average users who can handle more intense trips can try B+, Nepalese Chitwan, and African Kobe Magic Mushrooms.
Penis Envy and Burmese strains are best for seasoned or advanced users who are looking for a powerful and immersive experience.

There are few things to look out for when choosing your mushrooms. Observe carefully the colour and the size, and the shape of the cap and the stem.
Whole caps in the mushrooms, clean stems, which should be lighter than the brown cap, and no very dark colours unless they’re supposed to look like that.

Last but foremost, make sure that you buy your Magic Mushrooms from a reliable source. There are many online stores to choose from, so take some time to do your research.
Read online reviews and trip reports to see what people are saying about various providers. That will tell you a lot about their credibility and reliability.


Make sure you thoroughly consider all of these steps before choosing your Magic Mushrooms. Each one is incredibly important for the quality of your tripping experience.
We definitely recommend taking the time to consider all of the options. From experience, we can say that we are confident this will help you choose the best mushroom for you, which will only increase your experience with them. Get ready to enter the magic world of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms.

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Where do Magic Mushrooms Grow Naturally?

Magic Mushrooms grow in various climates and habitats. If you are from a big city, the majority of magic mushrooms that are accessible to you may have been artificially cultivated, such as B+, Penis Envy, Golden Teacher, or even just “Cubes.” Some people like to use brown rice flour with vermiculite. Others prefer to use corn, oats, or even rye berries. This is mostly a personal preference and there are lots of content online that describe the many tips & tricks of this process. Understanding where magic mushrooms grow naturally, as well as reenacting the climate they could thrive in, and imitating the substrate on which they grow are essential to cultivating them. For example, P. Cubensis is simple to grow by creating artificial conditions that are warm and humid. While the substrate that provides their nourishment can be made from ingredients that you have in your fridge such as mentioned above. However, a lot of strains are hard to grow as they require to be cultivated in conditions that are hard to reproduce. Whether it is extremely cold or the microbes in the soil to stimulate their production cycle isn’t fully there.

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When identifying magic mushrooms, we also recommend the book “Psilocybin Mushrooms Of The World” by Paul Stamets. Stamets is an American mycologist, author, and advocate of medicinal fungi and mycoremediation. Stamets is the most respected mycologist in the world, especially when it comes down to studying magic mushrooms. The strain Psilocybe Azurescenes, for example, was actually discovered by Stamets and his colleague Jochen Gartz in 1995.
If this has inspired you to go out in the wild to look for magic mushrooms, please use the resources we shared earlier. It is important to know how to properly identify magic mushrooms as lots of common species have many similar traits, although, quite often they don’t contain Psilocybin and may be poisonous. Consuming the wrong mushroom may lead to uncomfortable side effects and even hospitalization, depending on the quantity you ingested.
The world of fungi is definitely amazing, but one must be cautious when exploring. With this post, we hope we were able to help you navigate through this vast universe.

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Where and when mushrooms grow is influenced by the weather and the surroundings you have at your disposal. Just to give you an idea, some of the places to find magic mushrooms may be: livestock fields on hot, summer days right after rainfall; tropical cloud forests; meadows and prairies on cold, moist fall mornings; or amongst woody debris on the edges of forests.
Generally, magic mushrooms can be found on all continents except Antarctica. To identify which species grow in your area, feel free to check out Shroomery, iNaturalist, and Mushroom Observer. These resources can help you in pinpointing magic mushrooms in your area. Bear in mind that most of the locations are blurred and serve as hints rather than specific places.